Blenko Glass Creates "Keepsake" Figurine for Author Ruth Kirk's Book, Little Black Kitten

Blenko Glass/Little Black Kitten Collectible Keepsake

West Virginia Author Ruth Kirk asked Dean Six, Vice President of Blenko Glass to create a Keepsake Glass Cat to accompany her book, Little Black Kitten. Ruth wanted 100 made and numbered. While Blenko Glass makes other critters, Dean said that making the color black was difficult. However, Blenko came through and made 100 black cat. The cats are numbered and are inscribed with the BLENKO name along with the year 2016The special keepsake set which includes the limited edition Blenko Black Cat, The Little Black Kitten and a special plush kitten is available on Shamrock Press for a limited time.

Blenko Glass, an American Institution since 1893 is located in Milton, WV. Blenko Glass offers a wide variety of products such as Art Glass, Functional Glassware, Sheet Glass, Dalle De Verre Slab Glass and more!

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